Other than equipment rental, Mahmood Establishment deals in infrastructural contracting as well which as follows:



Excavation job done with an area of 15 km for the purpose of installation of fiber optic cable with client Etisalat in Sila (Western Region).


Abu Dhabi Environment Energy

Backfilling project of the excavated area burring the manholes & sewerage pipes with client Abu Dhabi Environment Energy in Sameeh (Abu Dhabi).

Excavation of lateral lines for the environmental project on area in Shahama Abu Dhabi with client Abu Dhabi Environment Agency.


Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services

Excavation project with client Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services (ADSSC) in coordination with METITO for the installation of Sewerage pipe line in Mirfa (Western Region).


Al Falah recreation services

Designed & fabricated excavation job done in Al Falah residential complex at project “Al Falah recreation services” which focused on agricultural excavation in order for fixation of plants, grass & stones as well as play grounds.


Heavy Equipment Rental

Heavy equipment rental consisting of machinery from road works to building works.

Infrastructural Contracting

We provide services of infrastructural contracting which includes the excavation jobs

Repairs and Maintenance

On the other hand the service of repairs and maintenance are also available